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Was going through some slides from my parents and came across some shots of an intersection that I’ve probably gone through a gazillion times. Route 29 and Gorman/John Hopkins road. When we first moved to Howard County in 1961, Rt 29 was a single lane road each way with no shoulder for good stretches. Most intersections were stop signs.

Corner of Route 29 and Gorman Road in 1961. And where I grew up in Hammond Villiage. Photo by James Hartley

Corner of Route 29 and Gorman Road in 1961. And where I grew up in Hammond Village.
Photo by James Hartley

I remember Dad and Mom stopping at this point and taking these shots of our new neighborhood signs and the Southern States store across the road, along with many more shots around the neighborhood. And yes that is the family powder blue 57 Chevy. Also notice the two Postal Employees installing a mailbox on the corner that day. You can see their truck on the other side of the road behind our car.

Looking across Route 29 to John Hopkins RD and the old Southern States store. Photo by James Hartley

Looking across Route 29 to John Hopkins road and the old Southern States store.
Photo by James Hartley

Crossing Rt 29 used to be almost a daily pastime on summer days. Gather enough change to walk up to the Southern States store and stand in front of this wonderful soda machine with a big glass door. The sodas were lined up on the right side and a thin vertical door would open when you paid for them. Nehi Grape, Root Beer and refreshing Orange. RC Cola’s and YooHoo’s. Never liked the YooHoo’s. And eventually I believe a Coke machine. But then our parents didn’t like us crossing Rt 29, even though it was a single lane each way road with little traffic.

So we used to collect bottles along the road and take them to Scaggsville Market at Rt 216 and 29 and turn them in for penny’s and nickels to get more treats. Boy life was simple at that age. Woods where we would build forts and new homes to wander through as they were being built. Most people never even locked their doors. And if you did I’m sure several of your neighbors had keys.

I still have many friends from growing up in this neighborhood. Many wonderful memories of fun, games, playing every sport known to man and some we would make up,  late night antics as we grew into our young teens. But just like us it has aged. In most spots well but in some time has taken its toll.

Which brings me to present day. For even though we sold our family home in 2007, if my memory is correct, I’m blessed with having a best friend who brought a home in the same neighborhood about 30 years ago. So I’m still going though the same old intersections on a frequent basis. I pass it twice a day still on work days. It’s a six lane highway today that still gets clogged. You wouldn’t dare run across it even if you can run a 4.5  4o yard dash. And while much has changed, much remains the same.

All I know is that there is a strange comfort passing this spot frequently. I guess because it has been such a fine memory.

Looking northbound along Route 29 at Gorman Road. Photo by James Hartley

Looking northbound along Route 29 at Gorman Road.
Photo by James Hartley

So as these guys finish installing that mailbox, I’ll finish rambling on about my youth for the moment. But it does make me glad I took the time to look through some old slides and share some of Howard County in 1961 or 62. Not positive which year on these, but it is one of the two.

Author: Mike Hartley

With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these as well as your memories. I really enjoyed them and reminiscing with you and living vicariously in the moment.

  2. Mike, Mark Mullings here, Hammond Village alumni and b-ball player from the Hammond Middle Courts. I actually googled “Southern States Scaggsville MD” and came upon these pictures and the link to your blog. Although my parents bought our house in 1965, I have some memories of that intersection too. Especially appreciated your reminisces about growing up there. It was a great place. All the best!

    • Mark, great to hear from you. I hope you well my old friend. And yes you certainly were a b’ball player. I’ve just started to go through some old photos of the area. And yes it was a great place to grow up. Lots of GOOD people.

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