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Going to get a jump

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That’s right. I’m thinking about starting my weekend early. Yep, going to start shooting on Wednesday instead of Thursday this week. Got a lot of errands so I’ll be out and about. Of course that means I’ll be cutting sleep short again. Something I’d like to avoid but little options if I want to get some work done. And now that I’m on a streak of posting daily I’m hoping to improve the content. I’m finding that planing and advance work helps this along. Not two of my strengths but I’ve always adapted to what is needed.

Ready to leap the week all the way to the weekend. Photo by Mike Hartley

Ready to leap the week all the way to the weekend.
Photo by Mike Hartley

It’s also time to get going on some sculpture ideas I’ve had for a while. And I got some video ideas also to follow-up on. So I’m very much looking forward to this weekend. I find I’m writing more and loving this process all the time. I think I’ll end the weekend with a trip to visit my parents at Arlington on Sunday. Mom would have been 93 in a couple of weeks so its time to take her some flowers.


  • randomthoughtsThink I’ll make a donation to the Red Cross after seeing that film of all those flood victims.
  • Schools are coming back in session soon. Lets try to remember to STOP when you see a bus with red lights flashing.
  • If your thinking of working for a company there is an interesting site called
  • I have to remember some things in life are the means to an end. Its tough sometimes to keep that thought.
  • Did you hear that collective sigh. Yep teachers, its time to return to the kids. And as a parent I thank all teachers for their efforts.
  • I believe I will experience Olympic withdraw next week.
  • I’m still believing the Yankees will make the playoffs. So long A-Roid. That wasn’t nice but I couldn’t help myself.
  • Do you think the 2020 election will be better? Maybe next time we will have better choices.

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