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Looking out for us

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I have treasure trove of images to sort through that my father took at both poles (North and South). This little scanner I have isn’t the best either and I’m sure I need to play with it more to see if I can optimize the results better. As I start to scan these images it reminds me to not forget to speak about protecting these regions of the world also. Just like this guy seems to be looking out for us. We should help him look after his home.

Photo by James F Hartley

Lookout Photo by James F Hartley

I have to do this one below over. I tried it with the glass plates front and back instead of just the film. These slide holders are metal and glass instead of just cardboard. That is for those of you remember how slides came back from the photo processing lab. He’s even got blanks to mount his own. I’ll have to take a few shots of that old stuff and the old projector that I should see if I can fix.

Photo by James F Hartley

Photo by James F Hartley

Lots more to come, be patient. Just like I have to keep reminding myself. Patience. It’s an important aspect in life sometimes. Hope everyone had a beautiful day. That would provide me some balance.

Oh, and its Jimmy V week. Yep those of you who follow college basketball know exactly what I’m talking about. Give and help the cause. Till tomorrow, I hope.

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