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Contentment, decisions and basketball

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Not often, but when I do step back, allow for a different perspective, seek balance, I find contentment. And that is where I am today. Yeah lots of stuff still wrong and bothering me but not really. Its pushed way down the scale of importance right now. A simple dinner with my better half at a very nice restaurant (Milton Inn) this weekend, a few lazy mornings, afternoons together. Watching the MD game with friends (well that almost ruined it) but overall a very good week of clearing my mind and getting back on a positive track.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

Decisions and Actions

The first decision I came to this day was on Facebook. I’m no addict but I was starting to let that waste time. So one check a week is the new plan. Reduce what I see to who I want to see info on and don’t read anything political. Maybe just an hour at most. For I just really evaluated it and I don’t find it something I want to spend any more than a few minutes wading through. I was even thinking about linking (publicizing) this blog through it, but I’m not sure at all about that now.

OK investment time. I pulled the trigger on a new computer yesterday morning and printer is being ordered this afternoon. Both previous units had lived a long life. Well not really when I think of how long things were made to last in previous decades. Hope these last a good while or that I hit the lotto. It would be nice to upgrade more often (before things die) but I’m just glad that I can when needed.

Also decided to change my photography site from to ZenFolio. Did that just this week also. Been spending some time there and learning. I’ve started to upload some older images. Got to get my backup restored to get the last few years moved to that site. I’m sorry to leave the old site but the upgrades they made recently have not been to my personal liking and some things that did work well, don’t now. And if I had to go through a learning curve all over again I’ll do it with a better product. I did like the old system. Worked well for me for 9 years but as they say all good things come to an end

Also making an investment in someone I believe in. No not me. But it makes me very happy.

Twitter, I never had it, still don’t want it.

I really like the CBS Morning show. And always have loved Sunday Morning.

Basketball Season

What a whirlwind of activity. So much going on in life now. On the good side we are approaching the end of February. I can feel Spring and Summer on the horizon. But first one of my favorite months (MARCH MADNESS). And it looks to be a wild one at that. For a college basketball junkie its like your ship coming in.

We have been gearing up with an active schedule of watching games the whole season, if not attending them in person. I anticipate some new records being set this year. Like our pre-1st weekend of the tourney shopping visit to Wegmans. This may be the year we eclipse a record mark of $$$ spent in food for the first two days. And yes its well into triple digits. Another record that might fall is number of hours watching games together. There seems to be an increased level of interest. Probably because our team is going to the dance hopefully, if they can snap out of this funk they are in.

It’s the big dance. Office pools, endless banter and rankings and match-ups and buzzer beaters. A great time of year. It’s not like the super bowl where it’s just one game and one night. Its drama at every tipoff. And even when your team loses you can join everyone else in hating Duke or Kentucky.

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