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Off roading

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Looks like someone has been sneaking out at night for a little off roading. Good day all. Hadn’t been able to shoot at all this week so using something from last week. So like this boat I’ve got some cleanup to do. Restoring images from backups, getting new photo site in shape, doing some writing and photography, organizing my office/studio and lots more.

And who says the bay doesn’t need work.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ve only been feeling about half recently. I know, that sounds dangerous doesn’t it. Because some consider that I only have half a brain to start with. All I know is I’d like to feel good sooner than later.

If I don’t shoot 1000 frames in this weekend. I’m going to turn in my camera.

Poof – green yard and trees.  Poof – colorful flower, shrubs and trees.  Poof – KLEENEX

Old friends, new friends, best friends, it’s great to have friends.

I wonder if every older generation wonders about the younger generation.

I must get back to reading more blogs.

Spending time with people who care is better than with those who don’t.

The problem isn’t guns, it’s the wrong people with them.

You know my John Deere is 19 years old and runs well. I have a neighbor who is on at least his 3rd mower in that time span. I looked online and my mower is still worth $500-$1000 used and I brought the bottom of the line model back then for just under 2K. I can say I chose my yard toy wisely. Wonder if I can make it last the remaining years we are here? Yeah its a little under horse-powered, it doesn’t turn on a dime like the new ones, small 38″ cutting deck, but its mine and when the key is turned we go.

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