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Executive decision

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NO, not that Executive. The chief executive of this house (me). Well, at least while the better half is at work and that is the case now. I have declared the start to the weekend. Why not, its only a few hours early. Time to put the top down on the car, maybe level the tires, stop for a snowball and spend the following days with the love of my life and best friends. If the kids were in their it would be a PERFECT weekend.

Go for it.
Photo by Mike Hartley

To hell with the predicted rain on Sunday. To hell with the job that pays the bills till its time for my return. To hell with moderation. Must be the inspiration of all the music I’ve been listening to this fine day. It could be because I pushed it pretty hard at the job that pays the bills, the long drive is getting to me also after long days. The lack of proper sleep and poor eating hasn’t helped.

But the real reason I’m excited is I’m finally feeling better, at least better than the last 5 days. That is the key to any day. When you got that (health) everything else is gravy to be enjoyed. Even if it is a day of work. I’ve seen someone close who was sick, battle to get to the job each day till his end. It was his mental fight to do what he was most proud of. It was his attempt to deny the cancer. It was his attempt to LIVE. Yes his family was most important. But the struggle and strength and bravery inside him that year was something that I still think of from time to time now. I’ve seen it several times unfortunately.

It helps you get through the day when you realize how some things you think maybe to be a great strain or chore, may be the thing one day you would love to do if you could. I thought about how much I missed cutting grass when I was down for a while myself. A chore that wasn’t an issue for any of my life was suddenly something that couldn’t be done for a bit. I even ask myself now if I really want to get back to it. Would the time be better used doing other things. Well yeah maybe. Well certainly, but maybe not for myself.

It’s a mental thang. It’s a mark that I haven’t passed into old age or have something that prevents me from such a simple task.

So at what point do “We the People” come together and overcome the partisan positions and make some hard calls with compromises on both sides for the overall good?

It might be a late start, but I have to work harder to leave this a better place for my children.

There are few more enjoyable things than being able to make your friends laugh so hard that it causes a disturbance.

Have you ever decided not to decide? Or have been afraid to decide to decide? Get used to making them, making decisions is living. Even if they are wrong. The more you make, you learn and make better ones. And when you realize you can choose what to decide on, if you’re smart and apply yourself well, you can choose fun between fun things.

My Dremel tool has returned. I must use it this weekend. Maybe that rainy day.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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