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Its nice living around mature trees. And I do like Oak trees with the exception of about 4 weeks a year. In the spring when they bloom and discard these little wonders by the billions and in the fall when the nuts drop. Because a few of them seem to find my skull from above every year causing some nice knots. I spent the afternoon yesterday cleaning my gutters and decks and patios and sidewalks and driveway of them. And then the winds came up and dropped a whole new coating of these things.

Spring sperm.
Photo by Mike Hartley

See what little things I can find to complain about when I’m feeling good. Well good is relative some days. Actually I’m feeling good mentally about the start of the week. Physically I’m sore as hell. I should have eased back into the work around the house a bit more gradually.

OK, I’m going to get a head start on this one because it is very close to my heart. Teacher appreciation week. This is special is because my daughter is a teacher. And so is my daughter in-law. I see great dedication and effort by both these young ladies and I’m so proud of both. The effort, love and passion they bring to it will serve those kids well.

I could go on endlessly about how good I feel about them. They are my Teachers of the Year, every Year.

Sustained passion is a wonderful thing.

I’m finding my abilities to search and figure out on my own are returning. Felt like they were slipping away for a bit there.

Anyone surprised by the incident in Boston with Adam Jones shouldn’t be. It’s been going on a long time and has the potential to happen in any American city which is a sad state of affairs in this day and age. Yeah is a low percentage of people who would do that. But they are among us and that is troubling.

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