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Friday Frustrations

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Maybe we could start working together instead of just looking in different directions. Then again the leadership right now, does nothing to encourage this. And I don’t see the courage from people in the House or Senate on either side willing to take those steps. So we lose. But maybe not. Maybe its time for all of us to start talking again. We see what being pitched on both extreme sides achieves, NOTHING at best and inaction on things that need action.

Lets try flying the same direction for a change of pace.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Its time for the middle to rise and assert is numerical dominance. We outnumber the extremes on both sides combined. Might even be time for a new party. Who knows but its time for the best minds and articulate people to step forward with good and achievable plans and tell those now to either LEAD, FOLLOW or Get the F out of the WAY.

Then again its the weekend and maybe its time to unwind. I don’t need to be sounding off on politics anyways. Already enough opinions out there. The photos I was editing as usual trigger a train of thought and I ran with it for a second. But as I slow and think, this blog isn’t about politics. But, I also from time to time feel free to express a thought in that regard.

I wish people took as much time and thought about who we select as leaders and we wouldn’t have to spend all our time trashing them after the fact. Electing one man as president is foolish anyway. Obviously its a huge team of people who make it work. They should all be on the ballot as the selected team for the various important offices of government.

So let’s get a grip on things before they spin out of control.

Lets get our prop back in the water.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Looks like a weekend to either practice extreme weather pictures or attempt to set up a home studio and create.

The more I get rid of, the happier my wife is?

I wonder if some groups will be more careful about extending invitations for speaking engagements?

I bet daytime Soaps are having trouble competing with news. Quality drama always wins out. So do train wrecks.

I’m trying to get better at finding the right words, with fewer words.

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