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Kiss it goodbye

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Time to kiss that weekend goodbye again. Probably the lowest point of the week for me. At least that is what it feels like in terms of my attitude. Sunday nights are the worst. It’s the point where most relaxed meets most anxious. Sort of like two tides meeting head on. Well the work week has to start sometime. Its a double whammy really, I don’t get much time to shoot or write here. The frustration of the long commute begins again which just feels like wasted time. The stress of working for someone else and doing something that is less rewarding than previous positions.

Kiss the weekend goodbye.
Photo by Mike Hartley

But if I didn’t have that I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the time I do have off. And all I have to do is think about the time I was sick and dreaming of getting back to work and being free of doctors and assorted treatments. So I’ve just turned that frown around, now its just thinking about how I can incorporate more creative time and results for my own passions while maintaining the other professional life.

Today is Friendship day I read. Seems kind of strange, isn’t every day friendship day?

If I’m old school Howard County, I had better make it to the fair this week.

I wonder how some people get to be such a-holes.


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