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Not feeling it

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Rough start to the day, just my body not cooperating. Such is life, we all have our stories of tough times. Sometimes its good to discuss those but I’ve been trying to find more positive things to experience or write about. I find it gets me looking at what I can do and feel vs what I might not feel like doing or being motivated in the right way to do.

Something to look up to.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So I’m going to try to look up and find a smiling face in the sky. And if I don’t see one I’ll just provide one. Beats being depressed which is what I could easily slip into I feel. Haven’t felt that way in a while now and don’t feel like letting it become something to deal with regularly again. But we all go through those periods I guess.

Random Thoughts

You know in some ways I guess success would bring more pressure to do more and do it better. I already do that now but I’m free of not meeting people’s expectations. So I’m enjoying muddling away in oblivion for now.

I wonder what percentage of those flooded out cars will make their way into the used car market?

Now this is a headline from “Billboard” that caught my eye today  –  Man Who Ran Into Burning Man Festival Fire Dies

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