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It’s starting

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Yeah for the last week or two before storms I’ve seen the leaves falling a bit. After that blow the other night the deck had a few more. But with these moderate temps I’m wondering if the trees will start turning early this year. Looks like the answer for this one is yes. On a walk yesterday I noticed a whole pile of leaves already dropped and providing the ground with a nice yellow and red tint. Guess I had better get used to it. Tis the coming season.

The time of year the ground is also filled with color. This is yesterday in Frederick MD.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Even noticed a little color starting (no it can’t be) along Folly Quarter on the way home this afternoon. Yeah were a good month to a month and a half to peak color probably which is a wonderful and depressing thought at the same moment.

Could it be?
Photo by Mike Hartley

The fields are changing color with the corn coming down. You ever wonder how many more seasons you will see? I’ve had that through cross my mind every once in a while. That is why its important to get outside each day and soak up mother nature. Yeah even in the winter.

University of Maryland farm along Homewood and Folly Quarter.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Oh yeah, the clouds were nice today also.

Random Thoughts

Security is an illusion in our electronic world.

When motivation is taken away in one area, use it in another.

Gambling can be additive. I wonder how bad it would get if I won something?

Again best wishes to my Florida friends.

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