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Softening the sidewalk

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Nothing like a little nature to take the hardness out of concrete. I hope to get out and find something without that hard contrast today. Maybe all nature. We will see, I’ve had the wind taken out of me the last few days. But if I’m going to complain I’ll start with the COLD mornings. Jeez that was some frosty start to the day we had. OK, now I feel better, I never miss a chance to curse the Hawk.

Softening a sidewalk.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I believe one of my friends is playing golf in upstate PA today and yesterday. He likes the cold. I hope he froze his ass off. Sorry, I can’t share his like for the winter season. And I know he probably chuckled thinking that when I stepped outside that I would curse this morning.

Sorry didn’t mean to start on a critical note today. Glad to be alive and kicking. I think that kicking part is due to back spasms. Its made me think about the nice run of health I had going. How easy it is to be positive and have ideas and do things and look forward and plan for more things. I’ve discovered pain just takes away the time and interest in being positive and active. So I’m using the thoughts of the good days to power through and not let it stop me.

OK, I already have the first big upset pick of the season under my belt with the KC win over the all-powerful Patriots. My upset pick today is Titans over the Raiders. I wonder if that fantasy football is a big as it once was. Never played myself so I don’t keep up with it. Nor do I wager on it except to keep my Son and I communicating each week, sharing a favorite team and a laugh at my outrageous picks. When I was young I was really involved in every sports player and team stats. So I understand the draw of the fantasy leagues and gambling aspect makes it even more interesting. But I don’t have that time and I enjoy the sport and games much more now without specific team or player interest or financial stake except for a whopping $5 a week. I can concentrate on cheering our favorite and the two local teams.

Well, I’ve got to go hang a picture that I’ve promised to do the last few days. Hey, I don’t want her to get her expectations to high as I near retirement.

Random Thoughts

Godzilla – last seen stepping on the Florida Keys.

And in contrast to Florida we have the weather in Maryland.

Guess I need to decide which charity to give to for Irma relief. I think CRS is going to be my next one.

Its only been a couple of days but I miss hearing my children’s voices for some reason.

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