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Angry water

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I should have saved everyone the inconvenience today and just stayed inside. Because every time I ventured out it seemed to start raining. We will turn that the other direction on Wednesday with anticipation of sun and sand. I was surprised that the surf seemed to reach the top of the dunes last night. Going back down to check and see if tonight’s high tide gets further along because the waves today looked angrier.

A wave with a smile.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Mother nature is not to be toyed with.

Angry seas.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Few families ventured on the sand today. Most snapped away from the boardwalk.

Surfer weather.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m mesmerized by the sea. Its darkness at night. Its relentless action. Its beauty and colors. Its motion. Its smells and taste. Its pleasures and dangers. Its draw and peril.

Wind and water.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Sorry about the lack of message in the post. I must have gotten too relaxed today. Maybe the messages is to just roll with the waves. May everyone get to shore safely after their swim today.

Random Thoughts

It’s a good thing Fishers popcorn is so close by. Someone needs to take that large tub away from me.

Staying up late on vacation is almost more fun than sleeping in.

A birthday of one of my best friends. He won’t join me at the 60 club for another year but he is within ear shot now. I hope he and all of my friends and family are around for many years to come to celebrate with.

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