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There goes tanning season

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What a wonderful summer day in the middle of fall. I consider it payback for having to pull out a jacket in August. And one thing I’ve learned about the weather after 60 years is it will be what it wants to be, when it wants to be, where ever it pleases to be. And that is a good thing most days. But it brings me back to my post title. Tanning season isn’t really how I think of it. I mean its summer and I just find myself outside more. And its comfortable in hot temps to wear less cloths.

Laying back
Photo by Mike Hartley

I have been blesses with a body that seems to just tan better than it does burn. Oh not to say I haven’t gotten burned in my history. Its pretty stupid actually and I take full responsibility each time. Its dangerous, it can be deadly and for most at least its painful. Its one of those little signals your skin sends to your brain that says “don’t do that again A-hole.”

Till I got older I didn’t know how the effects look when older. I’ve seen some people who have spent a lot of time in the sun and the skin looks like that well-worn leather at a much younger age than it should. Then the issues with increased skin cancer risk. I’ve been spared from that one so far thankfully, but again with knowing what we know now I wouldn’t take the same risk at all if I knew about this risk as a youth. For when I grew up there wasn’t sun screen, there was tanning oils for amplified tanning.

On my minds side though is how good it feels to be out and about during the summer months when that sun is strong. I look better with a bit of  color. I feel better with a tan. Usually it just comes with the season and I take precautions when at strong or long exposed sun time. I find myself missing it greatly during the winter season. But not to the point where I would ever go to one of those tanning booth places. For when thinking about that my mind says something fishy.

I don’t have much of a point here except we are in the last few weeks where the temps will still be comfortable, the sun will be out and I can maintain that warm brown glow I have now on my skin. It feels healthy and I can pull off wearing white shorts without disappearing for a little while longer.

Random Thoughts

Daytime soaps are doomed when competing against the drama in DC

It looks as if the Republican side has found its comedic reply to Senator Al Franken of the Democrats. For when Republican Senator Corker said its a shame the White House has become an adult day care center and someone missed their shift morning, I hit the floor laughing my behind off. And now today Trump says he wants to take an IQ test against Tillerson shows me even the President can be funny as hell. Maybe this is his way of getting equal time against the late night host who grill him. He’s going to out funny them. Even the White House press secretary said it was a joke and nothing more than that. Funny thing, is how serious the President looks and sounds when he’s trying to be funny.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of worry? But then what would you have to look forward to.

Writing each day forces me to think. As you can see, I’m so so in my success.

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