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Sick of Sick

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Well, that title of this post (Sick of Sick) because it’s the first thing I thought of when I sat down on Friday afternoon. I had to cancel going to the Maryland game with a best friend because of waking with the sweats/shakes and fever again. Of course that was accompanied by the pounding headache and body aches. At least this flu bug isn’t as bad as that last one I had over a month ago.

I followed that first one up with a few weeks of phenomena and I hope to avoid that replay this time. The weeks I have been healthy I’ve been so busy and not sleeping like I should be which weakens my system so I catch these bugs. Time to start taking better care of this body. Better late than never.

OK, I’m better now. No not physically, but mentally I was frustrated. Started to get selfish and think of myself when there are so many others in worse shape. So I’ll pull together and get back on track.

This coming weekend I’m going to chill like that Spanish moss on the tree. At least in attitude. Because I’d love to get out and shoot some which I hope I feel well enough to do. This season has just given me another solid reason to hate winter.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts for the Day

Isn’t everything but a gun show, police buildings and military bases a soft target in this country?

Why do have great trouble believing Daffy D would run into an active shooting unarmed or armed?

Equating making a 4 foot put to the ability to shoot someone is beyond me.

OK enough politics. Life is good because I got another opportunity at it today. And any day you get an opportunity

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