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You ever get the time to just spend a few hours talking or working with your children? I didn’t realize how hard that would be as they got older and married and their own careers. But today I had a few hours with my Son and I feel recharged. It feels so nice to reconnect with your children. To talk about life and opportunities.

To share common interest like our love for college basketball. To share a lunch and not feel rushed. To accept his offer for help for some of the heavy work around the home. I loved it and of course it ended too early. But I’ll take what I can and be very happy about it like I am this evening.

I also have a special birthday coming up for my daughter next week so life is good. Because that will be another chance to gather the family and leave me smiling for a few days afterwards.

Cool, animals.
Photo by Mike Hartley

It makes me think back to when they were with us all the time. Like this shot when they were young (mine are the two on the left). I long for those days again but now they are cherished memories. But watching them grow as adults is just as special and enjoyable. The trouble is I miss some things because we are apart. And I guess that is the way it should be. Them making their own paths and successes. I’m so proud of them.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I didn’t plan well and had to write a hurried post. Good thing I had a special day to write about.

So the camera is yelling to snap away so this is the week I start to fill up another hard drive.

Wow, the Terps didn’t even get an NIT bid. Fitting end to the season. Hopefully a better season ahead.

You know I actually feel bad I took such a break from Posting here. I missed you guys and gals. I’m going to spend part of the week catching up with some of the blogs I love that I haven’t had a chance to keep up with.

How do some people live with themselves? Oh yeah, no sole.

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