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Recovery Day

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Spent the last two days (Thur/Fri) watching 24 hours of basketball with the boys. Great times, excitement with unexpected victories and crushing defeats filled the day and night. Ouch my head hurts,  and I don’t want to see any more food, are a few thoughts that leap to the space that used to be between my ears. Would like nothing more than to watch another batch of games today and tomorrow but life calls. But that two days with the guys is a real blast. So relaxing and fun. Lots of laughter, jumping out of the chair moments and a food orgy to go along with the duration of the events.

Life is just good sometimes. I enjoy the hell out of college basketball. Hope the rest of the tourney is as exciting as the first few days.

Well, it’s the wearing of the GREEN today. Happy St Patty’s day.

Luck in Writing
Photo by Mike Hartley

Actually today has been very productive. Got some vacation time with the family planned. One of the most important things of the year. The ability to spend some quality time with your children. This year we couldn’t time it with the rest of the in-laws but those things happen when you have so many people and schedules to work around but the core of this family is intact and scheduled.

Also got the some outdoor task done and a few things indoors so I didn’t waste the day away. And I do hope to make good use of the evening ahead with some creative efforts.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Someone close to Hillary should tell her to shut up, fade away into her senior years with Bill and only talk politics when they are taking walks alone in the woods. Otherwise I don’t want to hear it and neither do the people who are ready to move on from you and Daffy D. Two piss poor choices if there we’re ever a pair.

UMBC beats UVA.  You know that S__t happens is really true once in a while.

I have it. Someone call Loren Michaels now. The new Economic Advisor Trump has chosen Larry Kudlow looks like a dead ringer for Chevy Chase to play.

Always feels good to reserve the family vacation spot for a week.

For some reason I’m not looking forward to the coming work week.

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