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The Driveway is MINE

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Yep, still able to get out with the shovel and clear the snow from the sidewalk and driveway. Also as usual, the first one done yesterday, even without a snow blower. Just a simple shovel and some labor. Timing was also perfect as snow ended about 10 minutes after I finished. I was kind of down yesterday. First time I didn’t see my daughter on her birthday. But in talking and trying FaceTime with her for the first time, it was ok.

Peace and quiet.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well I played most of the weekend and didn’t really apply myself here or much at the homestead. You know what, I loved it. If you can’t enjoy life here and there, what is the point. But I did pick up the camera today for a few minutes and that felt good. I need that each day to get back in the swing again. And now that my work week is at its end. I can see what one might accomplish if one puts their mind and behind to it. Some have told me both of those are in the same place for me.

Random Thoughts of the Day

You know when you pour a coke over fresh ice it sounds like a wave rolling against the shore in Ocean city.

Snow on the first day of spring and the day after. Real nice.

I was disappointed my wife lumped me in with all men on my listening and remembering capabilities. I’ve clearly demonstrated I’m much better than average on some days and much worse than average on other days.

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