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Times up

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Trying to get back to the commitment of doing this blog on a daily basis but life is tough and so is that goal. But its worth the time and effort in my mind. It’s somewhat the enjoyment I get of seeing the daily publication in print and online every day that I work to support in my professional vocation. Kind of that rush, that yes, another days product is safely and professionally done. Well I can say their product is. This one is a little shaky like the creator.

Times Up Photo by Mike Hartley

But that isn’t going to deter me. I’ll continue to share my useless banter and thoughts along with my photography and whatever other creations I can come up with in my copious free time. Yeah, that must be the reason I’m always at the last hour publishing a post.

Doing something like this has required me to get a better balance. It makes me think. It helps me reflect on levels of importance of events. It helps me think more positively.

Not that I’m successful in those things every day. But overall I think this helps better myself at least and maybe provide some enjoyment or thought for others. Plus I believe that one day I might say something that could help my family or friends or even a stranger. Or maybe provide a little laugh or chuckle.

But we are in the home stretch of the professional work week and that means some TIME in the hourglass to begin anew. Yep, camera in hand on Thursday I will be. I don’t care if its raining. The temps are going to be in the 70’s for the first time in quiet a while and this kid will be outside. Hell, I might even break out a pair of shorts. That was kind of a warning also.

I’m thinking some street photography this week. Hell I’ll take anything in front of me, or to the side and sometimes if I spin fast enough behind me. Just the chance to shoot is so rewarding. Getting back and downloading a series of images is great and horrible sometimes. Its great in that I can always find something to inspire a few words.

Are they technically correct or good images, not always. Hell not most of the time not. But they are an effort to practice and improve.

Sands of time.
Photo by Mike Hartley

And that is all I can do in the limited time each day that I spend on this blog and my arts. But my objective is to increase this time and therefore my enjoyment and increase in skills. And in the last week I’m getting better at doing this.

I just have to keep at it like a daily workout. I should be getting to that also but first things first.

Random Thoughts of the Day

RIP Senator Miller.

My love for my children comes from my parents love for me. And the cycle continues. If you are lucky enough to pass that along to your children so they can love their own just as much or more, than you are a success. Oh yeah, big credit also to my better half.

Things are getting a bit weird inside the beltway.

I’m overdue for a fishing trip.




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