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Being its Masters weekend, and the majesty of golf is on display, I thought what the hell, share a few thoughts on the matter. I played a few times (less than 10) as a youth on actual courses. I’ve gone to the driving range maybe once or twice a year on average. I play put-put golf once a year with the family at the ocean. But a few years ago one of my best friends got the bug.  I played a few times with him but then my shoulder gave out and surgery last year put a hold on the game I was trying out again.

Throwing shade
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ve rarely felt so conflicted about a game. First off I’ve enjoy playing it no matter if its put-put or on the actual links. The few times I’ve played on actual courses its been very enjoyable, challenging and relaxing. I would love to make it part of my life. Its a game where my age and fitness aren’t such a detriment as they are on the hoop court. I’ve always enjoyed wandering around the woods and that is where most of my shots land so were on par there. Sorry for the pun.

My friend gave me a bag of clubs to use so the cost of getting started was low. But it’s still an expensive and time-consuming sport. And there is the rub. While I enjoy it greatly, clearing that much time and $$$ probably isn’t in my budget just now. So I’ll have to continue to play a few times a year and not worry about the score. Because this game takes practice. It takes concentration. It takes good hand eye coordination. It helps if you’re in shape. But I’m up for the fun and relaxation part.

I’ve never been a big golf watcher either. But I do check out the Masters each year. Its like of like the Daytona 500 of golf. I probably watch as much golf this weekend as I do all year-long. And by me watching I mean maybe an hour or two a day this weekend, if time allows.

There is one sad part about golf. There are a great number of people who will never experience the joy of it because of its cost.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I wished I spent more time in thought as a youth instead of just reacting. I might have made some better decisions.

Its good every once in a while to go back and read that speech from Jim Valvano at the ESPN awards.

You know some people are so out there that its just not worth the time or effort to reel them back in, even if they are a family member. If you got that much hate and hostility towards me, then have a nice life. I’m too old and life is too short for nonsense. Life is to be happy and enjoy.

I’ve realized I want to be more than a photography business in my next career. That will be part of what I hope to do but not the end all.

Safe travels to those at the Bourbon Beer and BBQ fest today. The ones I know going have a DD or Uber’ed. Be smart.

OK, I’m inspired again, the next post will be better.

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