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Friday fun

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The weeks come and go so fast. The time to love, laugh and live is limited. This week has been nuts but then again, they all are and I’m about to turn this puppy around. Today is bath day for the car, because it might even be warm enough to put the top down and go for a cruise. Been waiting to do that for a long time.

Yeah I’ve gone for drives this winter but the top down and sun on my skin hasn’t been available till now. I’m embarrassed as to how dirty I’ve let my car get. Its hard when it’s also your daily commuter. Such is life. I feel lucky to have it and it makes driving which I always enjoyed that much more fun.

When its clean.
Photo by Mike Hartley

There are few things in life-like a manual shifter and rear wheel drive car. Kind of feels like I’ve come full circle finally. After a few clunkers as a teenager I got a used 74 Camaro that was maroon, with a Hurst 4 speed and back then everything was rear wheel drive. That is where I developed my love for cruising in my late teens and early 20’s.

Jump forward, marriage, kids, 4 door sedans and SUV’s for almost 40 years. Most all of them hand me downs after my better half was done with the first half of its life. That was the way I wanted it. She had the kids to take so obviously she deserved the safer and better vehicle. I really didn’t care. Well there was one 10 year stretch where I had a car without A/C and commuting to the middle of DC in summer is brutal.

I guess this little puppy is my reward for those years. Certainly feels like it. Even though getting this body to bend in and out of it is challenging, I’m at the upper size limit for this car. It still makes me smile each time my behind hits that seat. I kind of feel relaxed, happy and as I push the start button, (that still sounds strange to say) I become part of the car.

Everyone who takes driving for granted should take a spin in one of these or other sports car that can handle. Its a car that reminds you every second your DRIVING. And its FUN. This thing isn’t any speed demon, but it does corner nicely (good for losing tailgaters). I almost went the power route. Was thinking about spending almost double what I did for this on a big V8 monster, but I remembered what I used to do with a V8 and decided that I’d rather not repeat my interactions with law enforcement and trips to the tire store.

Random Thoughts of the Day

There isn’t a day that I regret opening my eyes.  I do regret getting out of bed though on some of them.

Neil Peart can really play some drums.

Yes I have guilt about not posting the last day or two.

I also feel guilt about not touching base with my sister on siblings day this week. Of course when I grew up I wasn’t aware of such a thing, but there is a day or a week or month for everything now, so why not siblings. Those of us to have them are lucky. Well most days. Well some days. Just kidding.

Wondering what is for dinner. I think we might be going out. If I had a tail it would be wagging.

I’ve really got to start working harder or I’m never going to finish all the ideas I’ve already had.

My daughter wrote the most wonderful thing on siblings day to her brother and us. Life is really good some days. Things like that can carry you happily into your senior years. There are few more gratifying thoughts to know your children will be there for each other.

I wonder if I should change the font on this site?

Some days I’m good at making decisions. Others well, not so much. See its a training tool for the children. My wife is really good, so we had to have one parent that wasn’t, so being I was a more natural choice for the role I took it. Now they know every parent isn’t perfect and they can be their own person. And also know that you don’t have to be right all the time to be successful.

There is a God. I put flip-flops on today and it felt spiritual.

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  1. The car looks like a lot of fun!

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