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Chores and drizzle

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Found this shot from about a year ago. I haven’t been downtown in a while. Used to go more often, both for fun and for not so fun medical appointments. Luckily the medical part has been few and far between again, but I do have a visit to UMMC this month. I still make it downtown for a ballgame or two a year. But I’ve got to admit it’s not high on the list of places to go like it used to be with my better half and I.

Like many cities it’s the have’s and have not’s. Yes there is probably a middle class but its tough. Wish I had the answers to any or all of the issues. There are a ton of good people in and around Baltimore. But it’s not going to get fixed yelling at city and state officials.

Its going to take a lot of work and a very long time because culture and thinking and mindsets that have to change. Along with opportunities and education.

Can Baltimore regain its Spirit?
Photo by MIke Hartley

I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation today. Full of activity, up and about, exploring and foraging. And then it rains. Well bears don’t care and neither do I today.

Just have to take a little extra precaution with that rear wheel drive and my twitchy right foot this weekend. Nature is already making the car a different color and now with the rain I’m hoping it does a nice flame job with the yellow pollen and my red background.

The woodworking station is also activated. Been slack on moving ahead with that art form. Of course that might take a good bit of practice to become good with. But the process has begun. And tonight its going to be YouTube videos to hopefully give me some tips and tricks.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Sometimes a beautiful day is filled with quiet time. Well, besides the noise of power tools.

A wonderful feast is planned for Sunday. I can’t wait. I must go in search of loose fitting pants.

Kind of sorry I predicted civil war a while back.

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