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Saturday afternoon

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Oh no, I just saw them go into another store says the pair of gentlemen below. And this was my thought today as we walked down to Ellicott City from my in-laws home. The ladies stopped at the top of the street on the way back and decided to hit some stores. So instead of waiting in the heat we hoofed it home. And like good gentlemen we called them when we got there and offered to come pick them up but they passed on the offer for some more exercise.

This was my thought today.
Photo by Mike Hartley

All I know is it was a lot more pleasant at 7am than it was at noon. Of course nature always adapts better than us humans. Like these guys catching the cool water and rays.

Chilling on the rocks.
Photo by MIke Hartley

Wasn’t the most friendly day I’ve experienced in this town but a few people acknowledged a good morning or good afternoon. I took a few shots of bike riders (both motorized and not) and boy when I look at the faces I just see these scowl’s on them. Ge’ez, if I could ride one of those nice bikes and where the bright colors and have a thin fit body, or be kicked back on a custom cruiser I’d be grinning from ear to ear.  Maybe they don’t realize how good they have it.

Disgruntled biker.
Photo by Mike Hartley

But it was great getting some exercise and being out on a sunny day in May. Felt like August though.

Even the bunting was sweating.
Photo by Mike Hartley

The last two shots I took with each in mind. I had just seen and shot this older Miata. You see I kind of like these cars now being I own one. So when I saw this red roadster I just had to snap a shot. I bet he takes it racing because he had a roll bar in it. The damn thing looks like its smiling.

Classic Miata.
Photo by Mike Hartley

And as I walked up the street thinking about getting back to my car and slinging the top down again I saw this sign and it kind of drove home the kind of enjoyment I get in tooling around in one of these.

The sign says it all.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Oh yeah, suggestion for EC – get rid of the garbage cans under the bridge, it stinks and everyone smells it because everyone walks down to the water.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’ve discovered an additional benefit of my old tee shirts. They have extra air conditioning vents (holes).

It felt good to have a basketball back in my hands after a long absence. Now if I could find where I left my shot?

Back to the season of multiple shower days.

Working holidays SUCKS. I have a number of other thoughts and words for it, but I’ll spare you.

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