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My wife and daughter attended a bridal shower this afternoon. I didn’t take a shower till mid afternoon after a few chores. I see the weather service is predicting an evening shower. The trifecta of showers.

OK maybe I’m a little tired to start this. Well maybe I’m real tired to be doing this as I sit here yawning away. Hopefully a good nights sleep ahead for a change of pace. Sleep is more like a series of naps. Sometimes I don’t think there isn’t a part of the day that I don’t see. If not one day then the next. You see I flip schedules around for the work and work and personal life. So sometimes I’m up all night. Sometimes I’m up all day. There is usually one day a week I’m up all day and night. Those are taking a toll at my age though. Used to be I could do that without feeling it.

Sunset exit stage right.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ve got to keep telling myself I better land in bed more before I land in a hospital. I’ve experienced a few things lately from lack of sleep. When it gets bad the inability to concentrate. Almost like a drunk state of mind. Motivation fades, frustration or depression set in. I’ve put on weight. Sometimes I feel like I have ADHD.  So here is to getting some good rest. I’ve done a little better this weekend. My better half said take it easy and I did pretty much.

So here is to a fresh start this coming week. Do you hear that BODY. Lets get our act together and go with the positive vibes from the brain.

Dropped my nephew this note below, because he will be patrolling the street of Maryland soon.
Uncle Mike’s rules:
Be safe
Be smart
Be compassionate when it’s called for
Be unforgiving when it’s called for.
Be yourself.
Be a good partner.
Be a leader.
Don’t forgot to be a good husband because that job can be very demanding.
And be safe again.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I missed a meeting of friends today. I will make that up to them.

The string of Summer Fridays my wife and daughter spend together are over. I’m kind of sad for them both, but also glad I can share my better half again on Fridays.

I’m disappointed with the reply of the news from PA and the Catholic church. I saw a post the other day asking if that were 300 Imam’s who harmed over 1000 children? Half this country would probably demand the Muslim religion be banished in this country. And another thing. Can the church just come clean overall and not do a state by state roll out?

I’m always nervous when any of my family are traveling.

I can’t wait to challenge myself tomorrow.

Was that a streak of nice weather on the news tonight for next week? The kind of days that yell BEACH BEACH BEACH with the same enthusiasm that Bluto yelled Toga Toga Toga.

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