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Wow, a lot of change in one week. One of my friends wrote me that the Laurel Meat Market has closed their doors. I think I read after 48 years. I remember patronizing them when they were in Scaggsville before the widened Rt 29 had to move to Laurel if my memory serves me correctly. I used to collect bottles and return them to the store for a few nickles. Friends and I still did a good business with them even currently because the crew loves to grill out and get a fresh-cut slab of beef that would make Genghis Khan jealous. Oh and their pies at holiday time will be sorely missed. And that thick cut bacon and many styles of sausages. The quick sandwich order while waiting for the beef to be cut. And then a stroll by the seafood side for a nice hunk of salmon. Guess I’ll go over to Boarman’s meat market in Highland and see how they are doing.

Then I look at the plans briefly for Ellicott City and I see a town trying to be killed off. If development and mother nature doesn’t do it, years upon years of construction demolitions and closures will certainly make it on the brink. Losing 20% of the town is a huge scar. And I have a strange feeling this still isn’t a fix but a patch and one that can still have a lot of damage in what they don’t choose to demolish.

Because it was there.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m in no expert or government official or engineer or civil planner or flood official. But I’m not sure anyone has the plan, money and time to make this all happen and still not have serious flood issues from what I’ve read so far. I’ll try to keep an open mind. I’m hoping Alan K can rise to the challenge which is a one that has been brewing long before he took office. But it will be under his watch that direction and lots of money will start to be spent along with maybe changing the face of my history.

Ellicott City will always be a town I love dearly and I’ll continue to go down there. I have history with the town. I have friends and landmarks and memories here that can’t be washed away or demolished.

I hear there are no two snowflakes that are alike. Probably holds true for sunrises and sunsets as well as everything under them. Some change is hard to swallow. Some is downright depressing, some encouraging. I’m hoping for the best in this case.

Random Thoughts of the Day

When I roll my neck it sounds like a large truck driving down a gravel road. Hey but my lower back isn’t in pain today so I’ll put up with that noise.

Never have so many words been written about someone who has such a limited vocabulary.

I’ve actually been getting some rest of 6-7 hours a night recently. And the ability to feel better and sharper is noticeable. Now if I can string a few more of them together.

Instead of all the Presidents Men we have all the Presidents Books.

I must eat more crab cakes before the season ends.

I have an important visit to make this weekend.

For some reason I feel the need to get a disaster preparedness kit ready. But in looking at the list the Government and Red Cross posted I’d say I’m pretty well prepared. But I think 3 days food and water as they say is very limited. I’d like to have about 3 weeks. And I need more gas for the generator. At first I also thought I had enough ammo. But can you ever have enough ammo? Very sorry, I shouldn’t joke about guns in today’s world. I enjoy shooting (target & skeet) shooting and that is why I have and shoot a gun. I pray I never have the temptation or need to shoot someone.

I’m inspired when I see post about my sister in-law doing cat rescues. Such a compassionate person.

I wondered one day when I had a lot of random thoughts that, if first I could remember them all and then if I did if I’d have the patience to write them all down. And the answer is no on both accounts. Random thoughts are usually what I have floating around in the last 5 minutes of time I work on a Post. Sometimes I’ll jot one down earlier in the day but not often.

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