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Made it through the first 1/4 of the work week. I guess the smooth day yesterday let my mind wander to other things. And I don’t know why I picked a photo of water with all the excess we have had and might get. Hell the photo isn’t even in good focus which is how my eyes are focusing right now. But it did reflect my state of mind. Just kind of relaxed, calm and in ready for another start but also with a bit of sadness.

Wandering mind.
Photo by Mike Hartley

And that start is coming this week. I hope to be able to do a good bit of shooting in the coming days. I’m excited about getting some fresh images and having a little time to write and work on some ideas.

So tomorrow my Mom would have been 95. I miss her greatly. I miss so many things about her but what I really miss was the opportunity to talk to her and find out more of our family background. As I look back on some very old photos she had saved I have many questions. So this has taught me something important. I need to review some of these with my family while I have some of the memories and names fresh in my mind, which is rapidly aging.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I bet Trump is the only person glad a hurricane is coming to the mainland to take his issues off the front page for a few days.

I just found a new spot in Stats that showed how many words I’ve written on the site in the last 5 years. 343,551 not including this post. Who imagined I had so much to say?

I’m going to have to count how many original shots I’ve posted next.

Talk about the wrong message. An 80 million buy out package for someone who has taken advantage of people?

Something doesn’t seem right in Dallas. Well for that fact, anyplace.

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