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Mish Mash Tuesday

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What a foggy commute this morning. At the intersection of Georgia Ave and Colesville Road I was waiting for a light when I looked over and saw this car who had come south on Rt 29 and I guess got confused as to which of 3 lanes to use going in her direction or the 3 lanes going the other direction and decided to use the concrete medium. Trouble is she didn’t have a 4×4 lifted way off the ground to clear the barrier.

Not a good start.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m guessing major under carriage damage of engine and drive-train. I saw she was on the phone, I guess trying to get assistance, she didn’t respond to my waves so she was on her own. I’m wondering if that phone was in her hand when she drove her car onto something that the wheels won’t touch on either side.

Perspective is a wonderful thing. It comes with age and experiences. Being today is 9/11 I’ve been reading about children now in school being taught that as a history lesson. Wow time flies. It just doesn’t seem that long ago. The date was always special to me before 9/11/2001 because it was my Mom’s birthday.

It’s the only one I missed seeing her while she was alive. I had planned taking off early and stopping on the way home and visiting. But events that morning meant my work day was going to stretch well beyond normal time frames. Anyway back to perspective. I learned about Pearl Harbor as history. I had parents that had experienced that event as young adults and it changed and shaped their lives.

But as I read those articles the one thing that was kind of sad to realize was things we took for granted before, our children will never know. I think one example was going to an airport. Wow, what a difference that is in my lifetime. Being able to travel to any nice destination now involves risk. Used to be just pure joy and no worries.

I hope to get my perspective back to more enjoyment and relaxed state of mind during these times that are doing everything to prevent those things.

Cameras everywhere. I’m getting so tired of being monitored. A friend saw me flip one-off the other day. I said I resent being monitored like society does now. Workplace, stores, government facilities, streets, vacation destinations. Be it an official purpose or just fun webcam. Or most likely someone with a phone of video camera taping every waking minute.

Its going to get worse. I believe the UK is even worse than we are here in the states. Yeah I know it’s a changed world. Yeah I know people aren’t good anymore. I’m not naive enough to think crimes like shoplifting didn’t occur when I grew up. I know at times and places you want video. But Jeez are there going to be any limits in the future?

Random Thoughts of the Day

Worst placed advertisement of the day. A PR ad for Myrtle Beach Time and visiting this fall was on WJZ at 6:45pm. I know they are booked into slots in advance but really unique timing with the storm at their doorstep. I don’t think anyone but disaster relief is going to be visiting that part of the US for a while.

I think someone puts crack in my ice cream because I can’t stop eating it.

I’m so happy my children remember my parents who have passed. It makes me proud.

This coming week is full of mystery. How much rain? How much sun? How much fun?

If the Weather channel was a stock it would be booming.

As you can read above, I didn’t get my rest today. I’m all over the place. Better to be someplace than nowhere.

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