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Take the women and children to higher ground

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Get the women and children away from the water. That’s right, away from the water for a few days. Let mother nature run her course. Sorry about the weak post but its been a day of different priorities. We were celebrating a friends 60th birthday a few days early because we won’t be together next week.

Get the women and children away from the shore.
Photo by Mike Hartley

All I can say is a great time was had. I don’t have any blood brothers, but I have a few that are closer than that. And when you have that life is very good. We were acknowledging how fast time is going by. Decades of memories together. Many great times.

I’ll do better this Friday. Maybe I’ll try to get a few post together with some wonderful thoughts of inspiration or rants if I watch the news.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Chapstick is good. I have to stop biting my lips.

Some handshakes are special.

A wedding on the horizon this weekend. I get to look into my better half’s eyes and remember the day she said I Do.

Lacking a good idea, I started today’s blog. Lacking an ending, I finish today’s blog.

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