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I don’t feel like being serious today. The work week is under way and that is serious enough as it is. I would like a week to coast emotionally. Of course this isn’t entirely possible but going to try to back off some from the brutal reality of so many problems and injustices. Its wearing me out on so many levels.

That is why I picked the title OctSober. I have no idea what it means. I was just looking at the calendar and started looking at combinations of October and I think this was the second thought I had. Maybe its because I wish everyone would have a safe and happy drinking season which is coming upon us quickly.

When a restaurant tells you they have limited seating.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Actually I’m trying to relax before another stressful day kicks in. And I’m not doing the best job of it. Was a very restless mornings sleep and only 5 hours. I have to work on better rest. Maybe Tuesday will be the key. Then again that schedule looks overbooked. That’s it, my only recourse is to get a winning mega millions lotto ticket and be able to replace my job that pays the bills with a gym and sleep chamber.

I see the Howard County Council is going to vote on the Ellicott City flood plan. All I see is big bucks, big change, big hopes and big doubts. But it is a plan, it is late and action is needed. So my guess is it will be full speed ahead.

Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m just glad I got a lot of pictures of the lower end of town before this.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Everything changes with time I guess. And I guess, I’ll adapt.

Photo by Mike Hartley

This is a vintage town as the window above says. It’s just a shame its going to have a much different look.

Too cool out still for these dresses.
Photo by Mike Hartley

No matter the season I love this town. I’m long overdue for a walk through it with a very old friend who I started working with there over 4 decades ago.

Snow at Railroad Museum
Photo by Mike Hartley

Anyway, enough old photos. Got to get out and shoot something new this morning.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I still like having a desk calendar where I have to rip the previous month off each time. It gives a physical perspective to time. I really used to enjoy those Far Side daily calendars.

My better half is a very good cook. As I sit here enjoying her lasagna.

It felt good to reach out to my sister. At least my parents would be proud.

Each day I can think of a lot more things to do than there is time in a day.

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