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And were off again

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A flying start to the work week. I started it off by putting a new little inspirational message on my computer monitor. It’s a number but a significant number. Its kind of countdown of sorts. It’s been a bit since I’ve started a week off in such good spirits. I kind of like it but when things go well my antenna goes up. Seems like trouble is always around the corner at times.

Now there is a formation.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I was looking for a picture today being I didn’t even have a chance to download the few images I snapped yesterday. I came across this image I took at the World War 2 Memorial. And my first thought is what are we teaching our children by the way we act about politics today?

One thing I do know is kids are smart. They see this behavior. They hear the rhetoric. They see people flipping the bird. They see people called liars and worse. They see physical altercations. I should have said kids are observant. The smart ones will interpret this behavior and if they have a good base at home that helps them process what is right or wrong in actions of others we are OK. But if bad behavior is reinforced we are all doomed.

People wander for hours sometime.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’m finally learning how to make time.  Well maybe make better use of it.

I don’t have enough sweat suits for the winter.

I’m thinking that many of the things that are important to us today, will be changed dramatically in the next decade or two.

I’ve got to spend more time coming up with better stuff to write about or write less.

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