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I have a taste for some rockfish. And I know just where to find them. But I think I’ll keep it simple this weekend and just order some at a restaurant. This is yet another day that has gotten away from me. The closer to the election the more nuts it becomes. But my time remaining at the job that pays the bills is almost over for the week and I’m excited about getting out again tomorrow.

Ready to Catch
Photo by Mike Hartley

And by getting out I mean taking the cameras with me and seeing what I can capture around the county. Might head west again. I like the rolling hills out there. I know the colors aren’t out yet but it’s still a nice time of year. The air is so clear and crisp in the fall.

As our brother, Capt Dan would say. Yeah Buddy.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I wonder if I hit the lottery if I would still look at the Nikon refurbished equipment?

Well, we are learning the value of life aren’t we.

I feel like Mr T is looking me in the face and saying “PAIN”.  I would tell him, I feel you brother.

I’m wondering if this weekends grass cutting will be the last one of the year? I think I remember being out on the tractor in November last year though.

If I was only organized.

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