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Yeah I’m trying to stay positive but its a war some days. Feels like swimming upstream. Someone wise once said pick your battles. Some days it feels like one endless battle. For instance just getting in the car and pointing it to or from work. I know that percentages are against me from the time I unlock the door. Just the sheer number of miles each way and the number of people encountered gives a huge edge to running into one or many fools who don’t respect life, common courtesy and decency. Maybe a few that are armed and had a bad day. Maybe someone who spent to long at happy hour. Or the many cab drivers that think those lines on the roads are just suggestions and that every 50 feet they see a stop sign.

And then there is the rest of the day. So I caught myself getting excited about small stuff and wasting energy. I’ve already voted so I’ll let go of politics for a day. I’ve made it half way through the work week. Physically I’m not laid up or running to doctors appointments. So life is pretty good.

Taking things for granted is so easy when you have things. A roof over your head. Food in the fridge or heat to warm you this coming season. Taking it for granted that we are going to even see each other the next day. To me one of the best things of the day is waking up that day.

So here is to some positive vibes, getting my mojo back, blazing a new path, back on track. And out to photograph tomorrow.

go for it.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Wow, saw a news segment in how to speak to your children with events like this going on. Was kind of a flashback of sorts in one way because my children are young adults now around 30. Yes I know their ages I just choose not to share that here. But anyway back to my thought. I now have a grandchild on the way and it hit me I have a lot of advice and experience to share. But I also have to remember this isn’t my child but my child’s child and I know I will make it clear to always abide by their wishes. I’m also sure they will know I will love and cherish and protect their child like it was my own. But how to deal with complex issues of the world with the young seems to be a very difficult task. Yes mine were young when 9/11 transpired. But that event and others before it weren’t political footballs with such wide swings from one end of the pendulum to the other on what the facts and truth are, people were pretty much on the same page but the fringe. I bet if you asked if the earth was flat today it would be a 50/50 split.

So the lesson for me today is how I work to gain the knowledge to make an evaluation, work towards finding factual substantiated information. Work to expand and listen to many sides but also looking for truth. Learning to judge the content, not just the speeches.

Good thing I have lots of time to get my act together in that regard. For I’ve been spending my time preparing my funny faces and strange noises and surprised/happy/excited looks and pulling on my ears and nose to get ready for the little one. I’ll worry about the serious stuff a few years down the road.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Some of the best food is simple food. Like a grilled cheese on a cool day.

I could kick myself in the ass for letting work take too much time and running into the time I usually call my friends.

Fortunate is knowing how lucky you are.

Holly crap, almost time to tear off another month. Yeah I still use a small desk calendar. Helps remind me how fast time passes.

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