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What the hell is going on HERE

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Got up at noon and I just looked outside after working all night and it’s snowing like gangbusters. What the HELL IS GOING ON HERE? The snow shovels are still in the shed. I haven’t even removed the battery from the mower yet. There is SNOW on my convertible top. OK it’s sleeting, and finally rain.

The Howard County Conservancy
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m not liking this season already. Nice 3 inches of slush outside. Hoping it doesn’t freeze. OK enough of the weather report. I’ll just pretend it was 85 and sunny and a slight breeze. Nope, can’t do it while sitting here shivering in a sweat suit.

First song heard this morning – Box of Rain by the Grateful Dead.

I’m trying to redefine the relationship to the smart phone. Found myself wasting precious time. Why do I want to keep up with work email when I’m off. I’ll tell you why. Decades of a bad habit, that’s why. You can get your news about anything on them. Well you don’t need all the news that is published around the world. Yes its good to be informed but come on now. Then there is texting. OMFG. Looking at the market and weather. And I’m not even into all the apps and games and endless tools it can provide. Yes some of it is good but for those of us who lack some self-control, it’s not good.

So today I left it upstairs for several hours while I was downstairs. When I did get it I looked quickly and then put it down again. Did anyone call or text. No, ok, put it away again. I’m only going to use it to make calls and return a few text. I will not have my face attached to that device. I want to reconnect. I can get all the social media and information I need while at the computer. It’s also good to make a clean break from it when I get up from the desk. I don’t need to be wasting time on a screen so small that I strain to read it any longer. And even if I could see it without reading glasses, I’d have to wonder is it damaging my eyes to spend so much time on such small information in such a small space?

Random Thoughts of the Day

Yesterday I had a random thought about going out early for snow pictures. Good thing I came to my senses and stayed inside and got some sleep and rest. Thursday is sometimes catch up day as well as transition day.

My neighbor turned their Xmas lights on for the first time. OK the gauntlet has been thrown down. They have the advantage, young children probably pestering them.

Don’t know why, but I’ve never had once ounce of interest in Twitter.

The Turkey entered the house today. A beast of a bird. I am so ready for the smells to permeate the home again.

I have a hankering for a milkshake.

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