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Every once in a while

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Every once in a while I struggle coming up with a title of a post. Sometimes I change them a few times depending on what I start writing about. On occasion though the title inspires me to a topic, like today. It usually is the first thing I do – title a post that is.

2 for Tuesday
Photo by Mike Hartley

I could have gone with something simple like (2 for Tuesday.) Or maybe a political theme like (Tantrum Tuesday.) I could have gone with a more serious theme with (Temperance Tuesday) hoping we all get along more.

I should have gone with the title (Battery in the Basement) because I’ve been neglect on getting the battery out of the mower and in the basement on the trickle charger.

A great title would have been (Back in Bed) because that is what I’ve felt like doing from the time I got up. Yeah I’m running out of steam today. Too many irons in the fire. Of course back in bed could have a negative connotation. A lot of people use that when they are sick again. So I think I’ll be careful in ever using that title.

I could go with a title and rant about having a daily calendar again and called it (Daily Diversion) because that is what it is for a few minutes of each day. The trouble is I’m having trouble getting back in the habit to look at the daily Dilbert cartoon on it and laugh. I’ll get it together it will only take me another week to incorporate into the daily routine.

Photo by Mike Hartley

I could have gone with (Fading Away) in regards to how quickly the Baltimore Ravens season faded away. It was a nice run by a team that always seems to have a good attitude and a loving fan base. I’m very sorry to see Joe Flacco go. He was a good asset for that team for a long time. I wish him luck where ever he lands.

I thought about a title called (Someday Sex). That would be about a day that when someday sex didn’t matter in making announcements. What triggered this thought was today in Howard County (where I live) the first female Chief of Police was appointed. A month earlier the first female Fire Chief was appointed. I don’t know if it will happen in my lifetime, but one day I hope it won’t matter what sex you won’t matter and your abilities and history will be the focus, not your sex, and these women seem to have very strong backgrounds. Congrats to both women on their new post and best of luck.

Now that I realized I’ve rambled on again I guess I could have titled this post (Full of It) because I was just full of ideas today.

I think I’ll keep it simple and do something weather related tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a very windy day so what better title than (Windy Wednesday). It will get me outside and think about taking some shots to illustrate Wind.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I can’t decide which Coke of the day I like the best. But I do know they are better when its hot outside.

I can’t explain it but I have this desire to go to Taco Bell. I know its bad and I know it’s by far from the best Mexican food but I got this craving. Maybe tomorrow.

I’m laughing more. I’m reading more. I’m listening to more music. I’m loving more. I’m communicating more. Ain’t life great when you know what you need.

I have a real problem with lying pieces of crap. I think I’ll watch sports tonight.

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