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Chipping away and Tinkering around

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Noticed a few friends out back today chipping away at a few of my trees. Maybe they are trying to save me getting the chainsaw out. I’ve got to get outside more and shoot more nature. It’s a never-ending palette of color and action.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

Was just tinkering around the house today. Overslept so I missed the day’s sun at daybreak because clouds rolled in early this morning here in the great state of Maryland. I’m sorry I brag about where I live. I just find it to be a wonderful and beautiful area of the country. I believe that is one of the things I’ll concentrate more on this year. Documenting some of the states wonderful areas.

Oh, before I move on I made the statement about oversleeping. I slept about 7 hours last night. Might be the longest I’ve slept in some time. I’m really working on getting some proper rest which has been a very bad problem for decades for me. I finally realized that the negatives of lack of sleep outweigh the benefits. Those negatives can easily be hidden in our youthful years but are brutal when approaching those senior years.

That goal of better rest while trying to do more here seem in conflict but I’m hoping the improved mental state will overcome the loss of time. I feel that the writing part is easier when I’ve had proper rest. Trouble is that loss of time cost me the best shooting time outside available this morning. Well I’ll have to compromise and find something else to shoot.

And a usual I was running out of time being the work week is starting soon. So I grabbed a few shots of flowers I got my better half.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I really like the show on CBS called Sunday morning. Watched it for decades. Tape it when I’m busy, to watch later. A wonderful balance of sights, sounds and words. A lot of uplifting stories. Always a nature segment at the end with just nature as the narrator. Some really fine interviews.

Usually the first words I write on this blog are “blah blah blah”. That’s kind of a space holder for the topic of the day. Then I throw out the first of many random thoughts of the day. Then I go back and start my theme but the “blah blah blah” reminds me not to be boring. I know I don’t always succeed but I try.

I see much courage in two very close friends, who work with incredible pain very often. They give me great strength to deal with my own.

Oh no, its Super Bowl hype week. Boring.

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