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Party and TET

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This house was rocking today. A baby shower for my Daughter. I’ve discovered that woman are much more conversant than men. Anyway it was a great day filled with family and friends. One that I hope my daughter can remember and cherish for a long time. I know its one that will always be special to me.

Don’t get punched.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I didn’t hang for long. I was in charge of doing some photos and then making myself scarce. I loved decorating the house for her.

Traumatic Event Training – Our company just gave us some good training on Traumatic events and how to handle them. It was a good start. And the presenter did say our company was more proactive and had many safety features already in place. Funny how this has changed over the years. I started off in a group of small to mid size community newspapers. Hell we never even locked the building, let alone had security.

Every once in a great while there would be minor drama. Someone who didn’t like a photo, someone who didn’t like this or that article. Someone who thought the coverage was biased, someone pissed that their paper was 2 feet off the driveway, someone pissed their photo didn’t get in the paper of them winning this or that award.

But these were mainly just a phone call or sometimes a personal visit. Usually it was a writer or photographer in the field hearing about it first hand if they were recognized. Usually it would just be a person expressing their side. And then the representative or receptionist or writer defusing the situation and everyone going away calm again and us vowing to do better if possible.

As time passed I noticed things escalating a bit. Both from internal and external threats. Disgruntled employees, or a reader so pissed they would call a bomb threat back in the 90’s. I have no facts or information about what we face now but I believe its very substantial. Otherwise why would we be going through this. And you would have to be a complete idiot to ignore the reality that we are public target of our current president.

I know they aren’t going to tell us about all the threats. I really don’t want to know about all of them. But I hate having to think that someone is going to try to hurt us badly. I didn’t feel like that in my first 4 decades. Now its no longer that way. I believe that there are those out there that want to hurt us. And I believe they are closer to action then they ever have been.

Think about that. I’m not a police officer. I’m not a soldier. I’m not a correctional officer. I don’t work in a psyche ward. I’m not an air Marshall. I don’t get to be armed. I don’t have backup at my disposal. I don’t have a protective vest. I have to think about being self-sufficient in a very dangerous situation. Well I’m thinking that way and getting prepared now.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Yankees and RedSox in 21 days. Lets get ready to RUMBLE, in my best Michael Buffer impression.

I’m slipping again. Not enough sleep. So easy to slip back into old habits.

How can it be Saturday night already?

When you hear something so positive said about your children, its one of the greatest moments in life.

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