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Well its Stupor Bowl Sunday again. I guess I have changed and its certain the Super Bowl itself has changed in the years since its beginning. Somehow its much different to me then in the past. Not because of the teams. Not because of the my loss of my like for the game. Not because I’m much older. There is so much hype and pregame stretching weeks now it’s a bit overwhelming even for football fans. I like to think it’s still a game. I usually enjoy the game unless its a blowout.

Seasoned Lobster

I also like the commercials. Yeah some of them are clunkers also. But most are well done. But back to the game. I guess last weeks of January and into early February would be pretty boring if it weren’t for this 3 weeks of NFL time filler. From food orgies and parties. From betting pools and commercial exploitation.

I’m always glad when the game finally starts. Must be a strange time for players. This is where I’m guessing experience can be a big edge.

But for some reason this game just doesn’t have the draw for me that it used to. Even when the game is played it changed from the regular season. The halftime show is a huge time segment. And the extra commercials really must change the pace of the game for the players.

Well being I didn’t get a chance to party this evening, I think I’ll have my celebration later this week.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Felt good to do some editing of photos today. And it was extra enjoyable because it was family.

I’m working another Super Bowl. Oh I will enjoy retirement when the day comes. Little things like this will be appreciated much more.

Looking forward shooting some this coming morning.

I think businesses have forgotten about good communications.

I’m still reflecting on the baby shower we had for our daughter. What a wonderful time. She got me a wonderful gift also. I’m blessed to have such wonderful children.

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