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Tinkering Tuesday

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Working from home today so I have a little extra time (no commute) to spend on my pursuits. Actually that is a good chunk of time. The best case commute for me is 2 hours. Most days it averages 3 hours. In the old days when I would work somewhat normal hours it was 4 hours or more sometimes.

This could easily be the view this morning going down Route 29 south towards Rt 108.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I once drove home from Tyson’s Corner and it took me over 6 hours in a snowstorm. Had several of those rides over the years. Hurricanes, snow storms, floods. This place doesn’t shut down. It just keeps cranking along. Not as many warriors making those sacrifices anymore. Hell I don’t do that anymore. I do my best and I make it there more than most even though I live a greater distance away.

Think I’ll get out in the morning and do some snow shots. Nothing like the slush shot above. Something undisturbed. Something unique. Well that is if I can stay up and awake. Maybe a short nap and then out mid morning. Sounds like its going to be a raining and slushy mess by mid afternoon.

Snow covered boats along Scott’s Cove.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m looking forward to the silence that a fresh snow provides. But it is quiet noisy when its falling through the trees if you’re near the woods. But it’s still a calming sound. One that seems peaceful. The view out on a blanket of snow is great. I love seeing a fox run across the tree line in the back in the snow. Sometimes I’ll look out and have a number of deer resting on the ground in the snow under spots that don’t get as much or any.

Back yard in snow.
Photo by MIke Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I like truth and facts.

You can’t always get what you want But if you try sometime you find, You get what you need. So says Mick.

Spent time helping someone feel better today.

Worry is when the ones you love are under the weather.

Nice road win for the Terps hoop team.

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