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Hard and Soft

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Looking across at the new construction site of a new development near our neighborhood I saw some infrastructure ready to be installed. These massive slabs of concrete sit out and before being buried underground for a lifetime. So I’m guessing they didn’t mind the feel of that soft snow covering them on Wednesday.

Snow caps.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I should have spent some time with these but it was sleeting and I had been outside for a good while and that 18-300 zoom was reluctant to zoom given the temps. I’ll be better prepared next time. I like the fact that I’m thinking each time I go out now, what will work better, what can I do differently.

I’m back to doing my 360’s on walks. Sometimes it very advantageous to just spin and look at what is all around you. It can be dangerous if you’re not agile and if you’re doing it while moving. I guess I’m used to it, moving backwards or side to side or spinning that basketball teaches you. Sometimes what you just shot, now even looks better from another angle after walking away from it. Or your likely to see something entirely new.

Pour me a glass of milk.
Photo by Mike Hartley

But back to these objects. Again I will be forced to look at another development being shoehorned into every bit of free space this county has left. The sounds of heavy equipment. The dirt and mud on the road. Having to stop for flagmen as they pull big rigs in an unload and load dozer’s and materials. Some high-priced homes which will do nothing more than raise my property taxes and make it more difficult to live here in retirement.

I know I heard engines the last few days.
Photo by MIke Hartley

One day I might not be concerned with who I vote for in Howard County because I might be forced to leave it. You have been doing this to me for 57 years now and you have just about broke my spirit. Enough already with the GD development. You don’t have the infrastructure to support it. From 36K people in 1960 to 321K in 2017.

Woods disappearing again. Pretty soon you might have to change the name of Woodstock to just Stock.

Hard ladder to success.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Oh and this reminds me of something else that bothers me. The name of this new development these concrete structures are going into is in the sign below which I won’t repeat because it’s WRONG. This is WOODSTOCK. Good luck finding the Marriotts Ridge Post office. If you’re looking for the high school its 4 miles down the road. Why didn’t you pick Alpha Ridge, that is closer at 3 miles? And what is wrong with the town name your in?

New neighborhood coming.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

The U.S. is entering uncharted territory within. And I’m worried about the incredible danger involved.

I’m going to work with a piece of wood and let my thoughts go to just concentrating on what I’m doing.

Here is one benefit of age. I have a performance review at the job on Monday. At my age you know how you are doing and you don’t give a rats ass what someone else thinks. So it’s a worry free experience.

Making stuff is fun. When your making things for other people its even better.

A bad day for people with the initials RK (R Kelly and Robert Kraft)

The goal of getting proper rest doesn’t seem to be doing much for the body, but the mind is loving it.

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