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Fat Tuesday and other madness

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I guess I’m getting a little long in tooth. I’m not celebrating Fat Tuesday today. Hell I’m barely making the obligations I do have like work and family/friends. One of these years I’ll have to venture to NarLin’s and watch the parades, eat like a king because they have some great food there and revel in the festivities.

I’ve never been one for a lot of travel. Mostly because I’ve never had the funds to go as we please. But we are also a bit of homebody. But I think the travel bug is started to enter both of our mindsets. Which reminds me, I need to get a passport for later this year when we go to Canada.

Stay warm this evening.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Funny how hostilities that have always have been under the surface for decades are now out in the open. Lots of us don’t agree on crap. We used to let that be secondary. Now its front and center. Ripping at families, friends and strangers. At one point I thought we could get back together. But the only direction appears to be further apart. To withdraw into our own camps and build more walls.

And those walls and moats are increasing in size. Pretty soon the next step is for those camps to step out and attack their enemies. I see people who have lots of tolerance. People of open minds. People with common sense. But once violence starts its hard to remain neutral. And we already see dire warning signs. Look at some of the people rounded up before they can take horrible actions.

I hope I am wrong but I saw this coming a number of years ago. I hope to do my part to avoid it. But I’m also smart enough to prepare for it. We are losing our ability to communicate. We are totally self focused. We have lost the ability to compromise. We refuse to put ourselves into what the other side see’s and trying to gain understanding and common ground.

I used to watch both conservative and liberal bases news to try to get a more complete view. Now I’m having trouble watching either. But I do and I’m very concerned about selective news. Well enough doom and gloom.

All I want to be thinking about is a deck party and sunset at Fagers Island this summer.

Give me a sunset from here any day of the week.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I slept 8 hours today. Miracles will never cease. It’s been so long since I rested that long, I was startled by the time on the clock.

My attitude will improve when I no longer have to drive to DC.

What a beautiful sunset today.

I’m at peace with myself for a change of pace.

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