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Thursday Cuts

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Decided to try to make this day a bit special. No other reason than making the best of every day. Got a lot of task but hope to enjoy each to its fullest. It’s a day of cuts. Hope to start off with an early haircut. Then its cutting the yard and cutting with the trimmer. Then I hope to cut up with some friends in the evening.

A dozen or so other things to cram in between those items. So that is why I’m getting an early start on this. Yep before daybreak. I thought I’d mix it up a bit. Who knows, maybe something better will come out at this hour? Plus I can tell I’m only going to have a few minutes here and there through the day to contribute to it.

Reached the top.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well the few minutes I hoped to spend are quickly winding down as is the duration of this day. I liked the days physical work. I powered through a few issues with the mower and the yard is done. I even just took the camera out and hope to do a few shots this evening. Also hope to do a few more power uploads to the photo site.

Random Thoughts of the Day

When people aren’t acting responsible, consider your own failings at that same thing.

I was a mulch moving mule today.

Cutting grass is a type of therapy.

They play the games because sometimes the unexpected happens.

Progress improves my attitude. So would some dinner.

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