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Yesterday I was at a family function and a great number of pictures had been gathered for the event. And as they were running on the screen the person sitting next to me said that is a nice shot on a few that went by. A bit later another person was looking at a picture board someone had made and commented on the big photo in the middle and that it was a very good shot of her.

I didn’t say a thing either time but was just very glad someone thought that way of my work and that I was able to capture the beauty of the person or the moment. It got me thinking about what I like to do and what pleasure I have in leaving it behind for others to enjoy. I’ve always enjoyed shooting when I can and sharing those images. Be it a fishing trip or birthday party. A nature walk or just my daily life.

Today I spent the afternoon editing family photos and sending them off. Tomorrow I get to fire up the printer for another project.

The tools have changed. The mission hasn’t.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Tonight I hope to do a little shooting and also some Monday afternoon.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’ve never been one to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. But as they say, “it’s never to late to start”

I didn’t smoke cigarettes for long. Only about 12 years, and that was long ago, but I wish I had the strength to never start.

This was a wonderful family week.

I’ve got to get a hold of the calendar guy or gal and speak to them about the number of Mondays.

When you get the feeling people don’t care, its hard to keep the proper spirit.

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