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It was a Rose of a Day

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The joy of grandchildren. We got to babysit for the first time today. What a throwback of memories. I don’t even like calling it babysitting when its your own grandchild. Its more like life sharing. And I had a great day with her but it certainly was a team effort with my better half also. Were a good pair.

It was pretty much the first time my daughter and her had been apart so it was rough for her also. But both were real troopers and a great time was had by both.

It was a rose of a day with the flower of my life.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I thought  back and I remember the day I had to return to work myself after my children were born. I struggled with it. As I know she will when the time comes. Having children is a wonderful event. Taking good care of them is hard work. But its a labor of love.

Tomorrow is Mothers day. Our children will be coming by to honor their Mom. I’ll be paying my respects to mine in a couple of weeks. I miss her so. Even thought some years have passed it still hurts badly. Life changes when your parents are gone. I have huge family support but its different.

I miss her smells. I miss her unyielding support. I miss her phone calls just to check in. I miss stopping by to see her. I miss our home. I miss her special meals. I miss her love of everyone and kindness for all. I miss her innocence and trust, while also being wise. I admire her hard work and never give up attitude. I could go on forever on things I miss. Some even funny. And I’m glad I can remember a lot of her.

I even remember those disapproving looks when I would screw up. Even though she is not here I try not to screw up because I don’t want her to be disappointed.

This month is hard though. It’s the month she passed.

I’d like to thank the Mother of our children for all she has and still does. I know my children are very thankful for such a special person and the love she has. I’m going to take her to dinner this week and celebrate all she does for us.

Random Thoughts of the Day

When you are scanning channels and come across an old classic movie that you’ve seen many time don’t you just find it impossible not to watch it again?

Is it just me or are there a lot more ants around than there used to be?

I find myself a lot happier when I look at how to best use the time I have. And I’m making improvements (maybe small) every day.

I’m getting my mojo back. Pain reduction=Better attitude.

Who gives a flying F what is tweeted or re-tweeted. I’m sick of the news carrying that crap. Giving that more coverage doesn’t do anyone any good. If people want to follow that on Twitter they can. I don’t and I don’t want a daily recap of it in the news.

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