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One of those weekends

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This much carnage can’t help but give everyone pause. Well most at least I hope. I’m sure there are a few that behind closed doors or keyboards will kind of revel in these events.

A weekend to turn you upside down.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I wonder at what point we will stop what we are doing and react as a whole to this and other serious issues? And I include myself in this. And by other serious issues I also mean the carnage that goes on every day of the year. Tons of people are dying each day due to violence. A lot more than what we see in these mass shootings that get all the news.

I really have to have a heart to heart with myself and see what I can do to get involved in action on the senseless loss of life from so many guns. We need to have ongoing discussions and action not just when these events transpire but till the wasted lives taken too soon for any number of reasons is reduced.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Being an older photographer, I appreciate autofocus most of the time.
  • Seems like we have an issue with domestic terrorist more so than with foreign ones.
  • I believe in local journalism. Trouble is its disappearing.
  • I still like wall calendars with muscle cars on them.
  • If you work on being happy, you will learn you can overcome a lot of things.

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