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Karma will correct


Does karma really correct things? I believe in most cases, yes and some no. That is why I don’t always rely on it to do the job. I see karma work and my mind says to trust it because you can relax and worry about what is important in life. Let go and move on I tell myself.

But sometimes I have trouble letting go. Especially when it’s personal. But I will try again for peace and let things fall as they do.

I think of important loved ones when I see flowers.
Photo by Mike Hartley

As I hear it said, life is to short to worry about the small stuff. And worrying about if others trying to get over is not a good investment of time.

So here is a beautiful start to a wonderful Wednesday. I’m up early because the body said wake up in a sudden manner this morning. As Jackie Gleason would say in Smokey and the Bandit – “That’s an attention-getter.” But instead of getting kicked in the ass, mine was a back spasm that left no doubt I was AWAKE AND UP. Well, up is a relative term if you call moving to the floor on all fours to catch your breath. It

Good thing that passed. I liken my back to let’s say the series of fault lines out in California. Lots of little quakes (pain/discomfort). Then some significant earthquakes that rock foundations and take a while to recover from. Stuff that takes your breath away and sometimes the eyes to water. Or sometimes the pain for hours till meds are used for relief. And we’re both waiting for the BIG ONE. Yeah, its almost just a matter of time or stresses we put on it for it to rupture.

One of my best friends is urging that I try a chiropractor before thinking about the surgery which is something the doctors have floated. But they have recommended against that idea of chiropractic treatments. I don’t want to do more damage or make it worse. I’m also not a fan of surgery and hospitals.

I haven’t done myself any favors if I’m honest with myself. I need to stretch and exercise more. I could lose 10 lbs. I need to sit for shorter periods but that is hard with the work I do and standing in one spot kills me. I’ve got to get back to work on strengthening the CORE.

Of course, some severe auto accidents and some hard physical work in my younger years have made that core less than solid. There are times where I can do days of physical work in a row and not have pain. I can lean over and pick up a towel and be brought to my knees and in pain for hours.

Some days I can walk for hours and feel great. Sometimes walking to the end of the driveway I wonder if I can make it back. Pain doesn’t make reservations, it shows up when it pleases.

I have to get this pecker off my back.
Photo by Mike Hartley

And if I’m going to sit for long periods at work I need to use proper posture. I might have to revert to electric shock to take me out of decades of bad sitting habits. Like the photo above it has led to pounding holes in my spine.

But like I said, it’s a great Wednesday. And I will power through. I’m just glad to be as healthy as I am.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I feel the need for a snowball. No not the throwing kind, the eating kind.
  • Oh NO – The back to school crowd will be on the roads again soon.
  • I wasted some energy today. I’ll try to make up for it tonight.
  • Whoops, forgot to push the publish button before midnight. Such is life.

Author: Mike Hartley

With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

14 thoughts on “Karma will correct

  1. I have a good chiropractor in Ellicott City. Yes, there are quacks. Surgeons are never going to recommend alternative medicine options because of the quacks. When I was young (and I am very close to your age, I think!), my Dad had a horrible back, he was told he needed surgery, and they weren’t sure he would ever be able to play sports again. Someone on his team recommended that he see this magical chiropractor before considering the surgery. He did. He never had back surgery. He is 85 and still playing old fart softball & basketball.

    • Wow, thanks Kathy, First the encouragement is great and I was kind of thinking about what the docs said in not recommending Chiro might be slanted. Would love to have that recommedation for the doctor if you can share. Glad your Dad is doing so well.

      • Dr. Lindsey Heaton, Ellicott City Wellness & Chiropractic. 9025 Chevrolet Drive, (410) 750 2540. Lindsey works M-W-F, office opens at 9:00. I am usually successful getting same day appointments when I am in need (calling at 9:00). Check to see if he is covered with your insurance (I am BCBS, he is participating, my plan covers 12 chiropractic visits a year). There is a website in the business name, but it is not much more than contact info. There is no office staff, just Lindsey & his brother Brian (also chiropractor…but see Lindsey). If your call goes to voicemail during office hours, call back after an hour or two (they do not always check their voicemail during hours).

        Obviously, I don’t know what your back ailment is – I would recommend at getting his opinion about what he could do to help.

        He takes great care with my Mom – she is 82, fair amount of osteoporosis and 3 replacement joints (both knees, a shoulder) that he works around without injuring her.

      • Can’t thank you enough for the info Kathy. I’m going to look into my insurance coverage this week. Or as soon as my mother in-law gets out of the hospital.

      • Mike, he also takes cash patients (Medicare does not cover chiropractic care – Mom pays cash, I do not know the amount).

      • I’m going to call my insurance. Thankfully I’m not at Medicare age yet.

      • (And – just to be clear – the original magical chiropractor my father saw was in Connecticut in the 1960’s. The current recommendation is about my age, was a year behind me in high school in Carroll County.)

      • If you see a Chiropractor that has sat for the Physical Therapy Board exam, you can get better insurance coverage. They bill for Chiro visits first and then they can bill for Physical Therapy services (and there are more PT visits on insurance policies). Go on Amazon and get an electrical stimulator device (TENS unit)……it works great for pain, it doesn’t cost a lot ($40-$100 range is fine) , and no prescription is needed.

      • Thank you Lisa. I think I remember that from PT.

  2. I hear you on the back issues… If I sit too long things don’t like it when I stand back up.

  3. Sorry to hear you’re suffering from back pain. I know how debilitating that can be first hand through watching my husband dealing with his lower back pain from an injury. In 2003, he had surgery that was fairly new at the time called, Endoscopic Discectomy. The surgery was preformed through a tube the size of a ball point pen. His tools and a small camera fit through the tube. Before the surgery, he was walking like Ozzy Osborne. After the surgery, he could stride across the floor, but he was still left with pain shooting down left leg. Then in 2016, he had a second surgery for the nerve pain shooting down his leg. It was a success. The surgeon made the hole bigger, in the vertebrae, around the nerve that goes down his leg. Now pain all gone. He was able to get off morphine and no longer needs any pain meds. He still has issues that keep him from working his trade, but he’s finally pain free. Explore all your options, and read up on all the procedures before you decide what’s best for you. The Drs told my hubby not to go to the Chiro too. He listened. Sending healing energy your way.

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