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Veterans Salute

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Tomorrow is Veterans Day. I’ve spent some time thinking about that. I was watching some history channel and there is a lot of WWII segments. My father and two uncles fought in that war. One flew in B-17’s over Europe. One uncle was on the USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor. And my father served on a Destroyer (USS Converse) in the Pacific.

I try to imagine what that must have been like for men so young. Just as I wonder about what we put our youngest through with repeated tours as has been the case over the last two decades.

I’m moved by the sacrifice so many have made. Even if you come out without physical injuries the mental part may be just as bad or worse. I have great respect for all who serve in whatever capacity for our defence and safety.

My Dad died about a month after this photo. Photo by Shirley Hartley

I also thank my Son in law and my cousin and nephew for their service. I thank my coworkers who have served. I salute all the families that have sacrificed much to provide that security our armed services provide.

Dad in uniform downtown. Photo by Shirley Hartley

Which reminds me I think I’ll make my annual donation to Wreaths Across America again this Monday. I love the look of Arlington when all those wreaths lay up against the headstones.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Cleaning out a house you have known for decades for sale is an interesting emotional experience.
  • Spending time with my children is the most rewarding experience.
  • I’m having snowball withdraw being the Snowball Stand in Woodstock is closed.
  • I can’t believe another work week is underway again.

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