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Wandering Wednesday

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No, I didn’t go for a walk except for some time on the treadmill. It’s so difficult to squeeze anything in while working full-time plus, but I give it a shot each day. I’m a little short on sleep so I may be a bit punchy today. Yeah, I can hear you saying how can it get more scatterbrained than it has been in the past?

The sliced nuts that will be added to the green beans.
Photo by Mike Hartley

The house is going to smell good tomorrow. I’m hoping everyone gets to their destinations safely. I remember getting a flat one Thanksgiving about 3 miles short of my Mom’s home. Back then there wasn’t much of anything open. And back then spares were real tires but of course, I didn’t have one because I just put my snow tires on and took off the L60 Crager Mach 8 mags for the winter. I can’t remember exactly but I think I had to go home and get those monsters and change them in some very cold weather on the side of the road. Of course, the air shocks didn’t have enough pressure so I had to take it easy till the next morning to avoid scraping the sidewalls. I have no idea what took me down that tangent other than it popped in my memory as I saw one of the few old pictures I had of that car on my wall.

I wish I had some shots with the chrome traction bars and the flat black Hooker headers and side pipes. That thing sounded great. And you haven’t lived if you haven’t had a Hurst shifter with the nice handle grip.

My Camaro from back in the old days.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So anyway back to the Holiday feast. I’m going to feast on the family visiting and soak up every minute of each of them. I’m going to try to take it easy and not overeat too much. I’m going to watch some football and pick some Maryland basketball games to go with my Son. I’m going to make strange faces and noises for my granddaughter. I’ll let her pull the glasses off my face because she loves to do that. I’ll help clean up and maybe even take my Mother and Father inlaw home.

And then I’ll try to throw together another post for another new day.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Have you seen these commercials for something called Calm? Usually, a shot of some tree leaves in a steady rain. And it says to do nothing for 15 seconds and that is all you see except a timed circle. When I’m sitting in front of the TV I already thought I was doing nothing? Now I’m doing nothing on top of nothing. Now if I was sleeping on the couch with the TV watching me and that commercial comes on is that the trifecta of doing nothing which equals calm?
  • That was a long random thought.
  • The hardest decision tomorrow will be which slice of pie to have, Pecan, Pumpkin or Apple? Well, maybe 2 out of 3. Well maybe if I didn’t stuff myself at dinner all 3. Oh crap, there is vanilla ice cream so I guess I should cut back to just 2 pieces.

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