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Thinking ahead

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Thinking ahead is something that is good most of the time. It’s good to have goals and plans and dreams and act on them. Sometimes thinking ahead is disconcerting. Anytime I go to the doctors I get nervous the days preceding the appointment. And now they call you a few days in advance to confirm the appointment.

I particularly don’t like followup cancer checkups. So until some of this week passes and those tests are done I’ll be on edge a bit. I’ve gotten much better at these followup appointments in terms of spending less time each time worrying about them. But occasionally it still shakes me.

Wristband I wore during treatments. Photo by Mike Hartley

You know it’s not the surgeries or radiation, it was those meetings with the doctors because they always have the key. The things that come afterwards are the results of an appointment and test and news. Tomorrow I hope for good news again.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Welcome to Decembuuuur.
  • I’m starting to see age in our group. But usually I need my glasses to focus on it.
  • Feeling under the weather tonight, but powering through.
  • Already back in some bad sleep habits. Time to change that again.
  • Some of the strongest people I know are some of the sickest.

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