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I’ve only got about two hundred miles to do in the next two days so while I’ll be out and about I won’t be doing any long journeys. That doesn’t mean I won’t see some madness on the highways, I just hope I’m lucky and smart enough to keep it at a distance.

Be safe please.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I see Baltimore and Washington placed in the top 10 of the rudest cities’ top 50 list, by a recent Business Insider article. And it comes out when people are in cars also. Maybe more so in many ways. Aggressive rude behavior can be multiplied by poor driving skills either of the aggressor or the people caught in their way.

I know each one of us can do a better job on the roads and life. Not just at this time of year but throughout. Save a life, maybe yours or someone else’s.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I have the desire to read a book over the holiday weekend.
  • I think I heard my car threaten me about being washed. Maybe tomorrow.
  • Ah, yet another year to demonstrate my lack of gift wrapping abilities.
  • Pine Orchard must have been giving away Liquor based on the traffic there today.
  • Maybe being #1 in college basketball isn’t that safe a position this year.

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