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March Sadness

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One of the premier events canceled. Yep, March Madness is off for 2020. I had my Maryland Basketball shirts all in order, separated by color and long and short sleeve. Some people obsess about suits. I have my Terps gear.

It has completely brought an end to one of the years highlights for my friends and I. You see we have this vigil every year where we watch the Opening Thursday and Friday games from start to finish. Yep, we are in our seats by 11 am and finish up a bit after midnight. Multiple screens and flipping around for the best games on the big screen. And we usually watch every weekend till the finals on Monday night. We take time from our jobs to gather together EVERY YEAR.

Go TERPS Photo by Mike Hartley

Of course, we do it up right. We go to Wegmans the morning before our first day and spend hundreds of dollars on food. We feast, all day and all night for two days. We laugh and chest bump and high five and fist bump and hug and yell and go OOHHHHHHH and lose our minds at the most impressive plays. Some even hit the floor. It’s total madness and fun.

It’s one of the great times of the year for my friends and me. Especially when our home team is doing well and advancing to the next round. And this year we were hoping for a chance at the final weekend of glory. As were the other 60 plus teams.

Think of how boring the rest of the month is going to be. No office pools to watch. I can’t imagine what this does to bookies and Vegas. The betting people must be losing their collective minds with all sports shut down.

I mean what is going to be the purpose of doing a sports report for the next month on the news.

All I know is that this one change in life has significantly taken much enjoyment from the country already for the next 30 days. And its thrown me into March Sadness. Also because I’ll have no excuse to avoid the yardwork the next 3 weekends in a row.

I guess I’ll go move my Lefty tie to the back and store my favorite white Terps hat to a covered position. It’s not going to be the same excitement when I walk out to the driveway with the basketball this spring. It’s not going to be the same without the competition with my Son on who is going to win the bracket pool and discussion of every minute of the Maryland game. And I really enjoy that a lot because we both enjoy college basketball so much.

I guess I’ll have to rely on the few memories of the games we attended this year together. I’ll have to hope that the pro’s come back and finish their season late. But even that will be diminished because the teams won’t be in sync like they were. It’s almost like it’s going to be a different season if they do resume at all.

I’m sure the pick-up games won’t be as well attended and of course, leagues are going to postpone games would be my belief. I just thought about what these little league commissioners much be going through. Do we get kids and parents together for a game?

We are in a new territory but its just another day again. So its time to find the joy of something new to fill the void. Today I’m going to enjoy my grandchild. Maybe go for a walk this afternoon when it clears up. Maybe I’ll talk to both of my children and tell them I love them. Maybe I’ll hold my better half tight and tell her I love her also.

See, there is always enough to do. But at 9 pm tonight when the Terps were scheduled to tip off in the Big 10 Tournament I’ll pause and think of the kids and coaches who worked for a year for this point. I’ll wish them peace of mind and heart. I have a huge hole in my heart for the loss of my favorite sporting event of the year. Till next year NCAA March Madness.

Author: Mike Hartley

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